Hi! It ‘s me, Itziar!

I’m a multidisciplinar designer who has recently found her love in making ceramics.
I’m graduated in graphic design (escuela de Arte 10) in 2012, in photography (escuela de Arte 10)  in 2016 and political science (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) in 2019.
After many years thinking that social and documentary photography was my thing, I learned that for my life I wanted something simpler that would really connect me with life and nature.
I always wanted to do things that would change people’s reality for the better. Politics was not the answer. I hope that my objects, made with all the love from my atelier, make your days a little happier.

I spend all day working on new designs, screen printing and testing patterns on the fabrics I buy, sewing and of course shaping the clay with the throwing wheel.
If you want to follow the process of creating my pieces, see my atelier where all the ideas are conceived and understand my creative process, follow me on my YouTube channel, where I will upload content.